What if just combine old fashion telephony and modern Internet technologies? You will get powerful service - voice over IP networks (VoIP) or IP-telephony if to keep it simple. And what you will get of it? Cost-efficient and very flexible system that could be integrated with CRM systems, conference systems or messaging systems. You could make calls from your office even not being in office. You could record all you phone calls. You could cut the costs on international calls. You could make even much more with modern IP-telephony technology.

We propose installation and integration service of Asterisk product – the most popular open source IP telephony PBX system. It is zero license fee system based on Linux. All you need is just a server hardware and headsets or IP-phones for your users.

Our professionals will make all needed setup and maintenance work and your task will be to enjoy the functionality.

How we install Asterisk environment?

Planning and design – Common questions should be answered before starting any actions. How many users? Which systems to integrate? How many inbound phone numbers we will have? And other important questions.  After everything is figured out we will get detailed implementation plan.

Implementation and Configuration – Our specialists will tune all needed hardware, install servers and configure needed features like voice menus, greeting messages and phone calls routing.

Integration – Usually it is necessary to integrate brand new Asterisk phone system with other business tools like CRM or messaging systems. Our specialists will perform all needed integration steps so the whole system will be operational on high level of quality.

Testing – As phone system is one of the most important system for business testing should be done with all possible nicety. No one want to lose customers because of missed calls. We must be sure that everything is working as expected, that is why we pay so much attention for testing.

Maintenance and Support – After whole environment went to live we will hand over the system on support. Incidents and Change management, Backup and Restore operations. All these tasks will be performed on high level of quality. We will sign the SLA with you so you will get clear financial warranty for quality of service.

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