Web servers

We are living in the age of Internet. Almost every company uses Internet to present their products or services. And most common way is your own website. So if you need website, than you need web servers also called front-end then.

Factor ltd. proposes web servers buildup and maintenance services. Our experienced specialists will plan, install and configure web server or web servers cluster for your site whether it is a small site or a huge portal. We have experience in Microsoft, IBM and open source solutions like apache or nginx.

We also work with popular CMS solutions like Joomla, MODx and other systems.

How we perform web servers installation?

Planning and Design – Depending on  how many users you expect and what services you plan to provide through your web site we will design appropriate solution. A lot of points should be taken into account to build up successful service. We have enough experience and skills to plan any kind of solution.

Implementation – Actual steps will be taken to setup web servers, standalone or clustered. High level of experience and knowledge  is needed to build up working and good quality service. Best practices should be implemented to fulfill most strict security requirements.

Testing – A number of tests should be taken so you be sure that website is acting as it was planned. Load testing, compatibility and security testing is the minimal tests list we will make before going to production. We could take other tests if needed also.

Maintenance – We will tune monitoring to be sure that site is available and performance is on expected level. In case if any parameter would go out of threshold we will take immediate actions to solve the incident.

Need web experts? Contact us now! We will help you with your web servers and online business.

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