Email services

It is hard to imagine modern business which is not using email messages, calendars or simple task tracking. There is wide variety of solutions on the market and sometimes it is really hard to make a proper decision. We propose our services to build up suitable email system for you and your business.

We work with different service models like cloud based email system integration or like in-house service installation.

Our expertise in e-mail services

  • MS Exchange – Brilliant messaging and collaboration product from Microsoft. If you want to get the best MS Outlook utilization, like calendars and tasks sharing within your own organization or with your partners MS Exchange is the best choice.  Almost all Microsoft products like MS Sharepoint, MS Lync, MS Dynamics CRM or MS Dynamics AX will be smoothly integrated with MS Exchange. We will help you to build up most powerful messaging and collaboration system.
  • Open source solutions – If you want to minimize licensing costs the open source way is just for you.  We could propose cost-efficient and reliable solution like Postfix/Davicot or other open source products integration.
  • Office 365 – If MS Exchange is in-house system, Office 365 is his cloud based twin brother then. All power of MS Exchange + MS SharePoint at your disposal in very convenient "pay as you use" model. We could propose our experience and knowledge in integration and licensing of this solution.
  • On-line email solutions – Google for business or Yandex for business. Easy to setup and easy to use. Get your e-mail system up and running in few minutes for reasonable price.

We would be happy to propose our knowledge and skills on the question of email service setup. Contact us now!

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