Remote DBA Services

Remote database management service from Factor ltd. is a good way to cut IT administration costs. No need to spend money on staffing and management of your own IT specialists. Highly professional DBA team is ready to jump in your project at any time.

Databases pool or backend is something that never shown to users, but what is really affecting applications or frontend performance. From simple website  to highly loaded BI application — everything  is depended on database performance. Will your users just sit and wait till data appear or will they spend their working time more effectively depends on IT services speed.

What we offer with remote database administration?

  • Planning and Design — The successful implementation of IT system starts here. It is important to take into account such things as performance, scalability and fault tolerance of database clusters.  We gladly propose our experience and knowledge for you.
  • Installation and Configuration — Skilled specialists is what is needed on this step, and we have them. Be sure, that everything will be setup according to best practices by our DBA team.
  • Regular maintenance operations — To have 24/7 up and running applications it is vital to perform regular maintenance operations. It is important  to take proactive actions before any incidents appear. Database upgrades and on time patching also important from security point of view.
  • Performance monitoring — As stated before, applications speed is highly dependent from database speed. That is why we provide 24/7 monitoring of performance counters, just not to loose moment when you will need to get new hardware or optimize database structure.
  • Backup and Restore operations — This is more backup than restore. But unsuccessful upgrade or hardware failure is something that could really happen.

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