Servers and Virtualization installation

The base of any service is a server operational system (OS). We provide professional servers installation and configuration service. We could plan and install Windows Server or Linux server OS . Whether  it will  be stand-alone server or servers farm we will setup them in the best way. Everything is included in service: planning, hardware deployment, installation, configuration according to best practices, backup and monitoring configuration.

Our specialists will analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) and will provide the best solution.

If you want flexible and cost efficient solution we could deploy virtualization platform based on Hyper-V, VMWare ESXi or other products. In most cases virtualization will provide costs cut because of more effective hardware utilization.

If you want to build up your infrastructure based on modern cloud (IaaS) platforms we could help you also. Factor ltd. specialists have experience with popular cloud-based solution providers world-wide.

We are very keen to quality and implement our job according to strict regulations. You could be sure the service will be provided at a high level.

How servers installation service works?

  • Planning – What it will be? Common in-house infrastructure or scalable agile cloud platform. Depending on what service you plan to build - appropriate solutions should be chosen. Here you could rely on our expertise.
  • Hardware or capacities ordering – After everything was put on the paper we could start ordering process. Whether  it will  be physical servers or capacities from cloud service provider it should be put enough of attention to vendor choose and contract signing.
  • Hardware installation – Servers should be unpacked and mounted to the racks. Network and power cables connected. UPS installed. Consoles and other equipment deployed.
  • Storage configuration – RAID, iSCSI or SAN should be configured before further actions taken. We will provide configuration of storage equipment and appropriate connection. The quality of storage service is vital for high performance systems like databases, so special attention should be payed if high-availability service planned to be  build up.
  • Operation system installation – Factor ltd. specialists will install Windows Server or Linux Server operation system depending on what service will be build up. We will help you to chose appropriate version with respect to licensing aspects.
  • Monitoring and backup configuration – basic steps will be taken by our specialists to provide servers reliability. Monitoring will provide you with vital parameters like hardware utilization, errors in logs, environmental parameters.
  • Testing – Nothing will Go to Live from us without appropriate testing. Test everything you could - that is how we could be sure that we provide good quality service.

At last you will have reliable base for next step of information system building – platforms and applications installation.  Don't loose your time — order now!

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