Remote Infrastructure Management Services

It is a trend on competitive market  to hand over infrastructure management services to offshore counties. Transition of service support to outsourcing company could vastly reduce company costs. And if you take a closer look on this question it is not a big difference where are technical staff located – is it in your office building three stores above your server room or in Eastern Europe. Anyway it is really rare situation when technical specialist needs to go to servers physically.

Factor ltd. provides high quality 24/7 Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS) for you. We propose the full cycle of operations like monitoring for availability and utilization, incidents and problem management, change management, access rights management and much more. We strictly follow ITIL processes and you could be sure that we are on the same track.

How RIMS is working?

  • SLA signing – We will discuss suitable service time, time to react and incidents solving time. Everything will be put on the paper and we will financially guarantee the quality of service.
  • Remote Network Management Service – Our company provides configuration changes for wide variety of network equipment from different brands (Cisco, Juniper,  HP, ZyXEL, D-Link and others). We also provide configuration of software firewalls like MS TMG, MS UAG, Kerio Control, iptables and others. You could be secure that the infrastructure base - the network - will be in a great shape.
  • Remote Server Management Service – Factor ltd. takes care of your servers on 24/7 basis. We track servers availability, disk usage, log events, CPU and memory utilization. We support Windows based and Linux based servers. Our specialists on a regular basis  will take preventive actions to avoid incidents occurrence.
  • Remote Security Management Service – Factor ltd. insures that security services meet most strict business requirements. We handle security alerts from firewalls, perform patch and update management, configure external perimeter according to best practices. Аccess rights management is included also.
  • Remote Database Management Service –  We will check if your SQL or NoSQL databases are available and perform on the high level. Аll daily routines needed to keep database clusters in perfect shape are included into provided service. It is vital for modern business to get access to needed data as fast as possible. So fine-tuning is important to keep data warehouse available and highly responsive.
  • Remote Platforms  Management Service – Factor ltd. provides support service for such platforms as SharePoint, Web-servers, Communication servers and other value delivering services. We are performing incidents and problem management, change management and applications installation.
  • Remote Backup Management Service – Our company ensures that regular backups are in place, and what is more important - data from backups are restorable. So we perform selective tests of backups to be sure that in case of disaster information could be restored from the storage.
  • Monthly Report – Every month you will receive monthly report about incidents occurred, reaction and solving time, preventive actions taken and overall analysis of infrastructure state with recommendations. That part of service will help to stay in touch and plan preventive actions for future periods.

Want to know more? Please contact us. We will be glad to answer your questions and propose remote infrastructure management service.

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