Earlier or later any enterprise will face the problem of collaboration and communication within its own organization. Where documents to store and how to control them? What tasks employees missed?  How to spread internal corporate news and announces? How to perform a simple survey for staff and partners?

Microsoft has a brilliant solution for this. Microsoft SharePoint Server. Many of organizations already implemented it and enjoy its functionality. If you company is not so big, than free version of SharePoint will suit you well - Windows SharePoint Services. If you are the big one - MS SharePoint Server farm is just for you then.

MS SharePoint will be smoothly integrated in MS based infrastructure and will boost up the functionality of MS Exchange or MS Dynamics products.

Factor ltd. will provide full cycle of service for you, from planning SharePoint Server environment to continuous service support and applications installation. We have experienced certified experts that will solve any problem for you.

Most common scenarios to use SharePoint Server:

  • Internal Corporate Portal
  • Tasks Tracking (SharePoint could be integrated with MS Project Server)
  • Documents storing and control, including version control
  • Departments internal sites
  • News and Announcements
  • Surveys
  • Application portal for .net applications
  • BI system (as a reports visualization system from MS Dynamics AX)
  • Calendars sharing (including integration with MS Exchange)
  • Platform for external corporate web portal.

How we build up SharePoint environment?

Planning and Design – We will plan the SharePoint environment with respect to all your business requirements. Whether it be just a single-server scenario or a big farm with many front-ends and indexing servers we will do our best so you could utilize valuable functionality of MS SharePoint Server and get great advantage for your business.

Setup and Configuration – SQL servers should be setup, web front ends should be configured, indexing services should be tuned. Everything will be made by our experienced specialists according to the best practices and requirements.

Applications installation – Usual scenario that you have is your internal applications which support your business. SharePoint could be used as a platform for them. We will install all needed applications and ensure that they are working as expected.

Testing – Once again. As for every service for this one we also provide all needed tests to be sure that everything is up and running as it should.

Maintenance and Support – Monitoring, incident and problem management, change management. All needed stuff will be done to support your service up and running. Backup and restore operations will be taken on regular basis.

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