Why us?

Factor ltd was founded in 2013 by team of enthusiastic engineers and managers, previously working in transnational IT-corporations. Mixing our knowledge, experience and passion we decided to make the  company which doesn’t suffer from "big enterprise" problems but using best experience from them.  We continuously improve our technical skills. Our internal processes are build according to ITIL and ISO27001.


There are number of reasons why you should work with us. Here are some of them:

  • Certified specialists
  • Process oriented management
  • Quality oriented strategy
  • Reasonable hour and service price as we are located in Belarus.

Quality is the  most important company value for us. Everything we do we do with respect to quality and security. Starting from our working environment, education and ending with our way of working.

We have experience with number of technologies in IT and gladly propose our knowledge and skills for you.

ООО Фактор ЛТД