Network and Security

Network  is the foundation for infrastructure. Surely every CIO keeps in mind that almost every parameter of infrastructure depends on network quality. Starting from speed, scalability and finishing with information security.

Factor ltd. proposes  wide variety  of services in networks and security area. We provide installation and configuration of network equipment form different brands like Cisco, HP, Zyxel, Dlink. We will build up the network perimeter and provide security for you internal services based on hardware or software firewalls like MS TMG, MS UAG, Kerio Control or iptables.

Our experts will analyze your requirements and will propose the cost-effective and secure solution. So you could be sure that your network will serve your business in the best way it could.

How network installation happens?

  • Planning – The very first step is requirements analysis and planning. Here is how it starts. You share your demands - we provide solution. Cabling plan, equipment specs, topology diagram and etc. will be put on paper.
  • Cabling and Passive equipment installation – After everything is approved we start real work - building up the network structure and connecting passive network equipment. Installations are based on ANSI/TIA/EIA standards and will be performed according to best practices by well trained team of specialists.
  • Active equipment installation – Next step is active network equipment connection according to designed network architecture. Commonly it will be 3-layer model (core, distribution, access layers). But, depending on network size, it could be organized in more simple way.
  • Perimeter setup – On this step we will tune all edge equipment like firewalls, loadbalancers and gateways. This is very important step. Security level will be highly dependent on how perimeter is set and we pay special attention on best practices requirements.
  • Services setup – Pre-final step is network services configuration like DHCP servers, DNS servers and Remote Access servers installation, monitoring configuration. It is important that those services are set with respect to security and manageability.
  • Testing – The last but not least  step. Everything should be tested before go to production. Speed, stability, load limits, fault tolerance. Those vital for good network parameters should  apply with your requirements.

After all steps are taken you will have the network that will serve your business for a long time.  Contact us now!

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